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Hi all, I live in Alexandra with my wife Chris, and boys Sheldon (14) and Matthew (11).

We have a lifestyle block with cattle,goats, chooks etc. I also have a nursery where I propagate local natives to revegetate the property. I worked for many years as a valuer and property consultant, but the last 3 have been with DOC. I work in high country tenure review, identifying values to be protected and negotiating with farmers. The best part is getting out in the field and I now know Central Otago quite well.

I still do quite a bit of hunting and fishing with some tramping thrown in. The boys are also keen and my wife is a keen tramper.

Still see Chris Doyle? as he visits from Australia to take his friends into the wilds each year (This year he's here for 3 weeks and has chartered a boat to Dusky Sound).



Email: whitfam [snail] value [period] net [period] nz

Home Phone: 03 4488604

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