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Sue Wiles (Haliburton)

(04) 478 7301

Hi to everyone from the "Class of 69" After leaving Khandallah School I did my secondary school "time" at Wellington Girls. Started nursing in 1974, graduated in 1978 and then spent the next 4 years in London where I met my husband Graham.

We have 3 lovely boys - Stuart 18, Robert 16 and Richard 12, Stuart finished 7th form last year and is having a "gap" year (although I have a sneeky suspicion it is going to be a very long "gap"!! Robert is in the 6th form at Wellington College and Richard is in his last year at Raroa Intermeidate (which ironically is the stage we were all at when we last saw one another).

Since having my boys I have been at home as a full-time Mum, although took up selling Avon 18 years ago for a little "pocket money" which has now turned into a very successful full time job.

I am really looking forward to catching up with everyone at the reunion.
Warmest Regards
Sue Wiles

Email: wiles5 [snail] xtra [period] co [period] nz

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