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Had a call from Susan Kincheff (Traveller) last week about this reunion. The thought of reunions always had a "Ah I'll leave it, effect on me; until I actually went to the last one. That was such a blast- Wow none of us changed! How does that happen?"

I've been busy with a number of things. Did university for a term- how I hated that! Worked with the Government for years moving people and freight all over the world- Trade Commissioners and then with the Military. Was married 13 years during this time and had Nicola, now 18 and ready to leave home.

My passion over the years has always been property- renovated and lived in 20 homes- love to hunt the houses out and sell them. Did sell Real Estate professionally for a few years, but prefer to have the deals on the other side where I'm the buying or selling party- much more fun. Tried to give these Real Estate guys a good name! That was a hard thing to try it seems.

I have always had a soft spot for nice cars too. Had a few and still want a few.

Had some years off and now after being married again for 12 years and having another child Max (5) have started up and run a couple of small commercial cleaning companies in the city. Hey one is called Global Cleaning- I have plans!!

Currently I live in Waikanae about 2 minutes drive from the beach- I like the warmer climate and trees

I have kept in touch with Fiona Henderson through the years, she's a very close friend. School friends seem really special and I'm looking forward to seeing many of you again.

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