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Hi, Just typed a whole lot of stuff and lost the lot - never was that literate on web bits and pieces. Anyway - will try again. Spoke with Sue Kincheff tonight and caught up on the goss - she asked me if I remembered a whole lot of people and I had to reply "No". Altzeimers has set in I'm afraid so I apologise in advance,(and I blame my parents for taking me to Christchurch at the start of High School years and lost touch) but if I remember to get on the plane I will be there with bells on May 7th.

A little about me:
I'm still overweight and now dye my hair silver (otherwise known as grey) - it's cost a lot of money to get it this colour. I have been married twice - Wayne Street is my second husband and I think he's rather nice. We have 5 children between us - 3 boys (mine) 21, 23, 25 and 2 girls (his) 24 and 27. So we are what is called a blended family and we blend reasonably well.

I went to Christchurch Girls' High School and did very badly academically - 6th Form Certificate results 1 D and 4 E's - can anyone beat that bad record? Did well in music (Played the double bass, can't remember how now though) and eating my lunch!
Went nursing - trained Community Nurse (now called Enrolled Nurse) and then went to seek my fortune in Oz.

Married there and had child number 1. Home beckoned so came back and have settled in Canterbury ever since.

Nursed for some years mostly night shift (a night owl) and then tried school secretarial work for 13 years.

July 2002 Wayne and I decided a change was needed so we now manage the Forest Camp in Hanmer Springs. It is a beautiful place set on 10 acres in the middle of the forest - hot summers and freezing cold, frosty snowy winters - specialising in school camps. Some one said a great lifestyle - hmmm what do they know - 52 bedrooms and 14 ovens to clean! But we like it so far.

Memories for me of Khandallah School:

  • The school band - boys on drums, girls on recorders (and do you know I can still play some of the tunes). I might even bring a recorder!;
  • the medical room - cleaning the benches with methylated spirits (no wonder I like my drink!);
  • Mr Shepherd sneaking into the storeroom for a fag (I blame him for influencing me to smoke);
  • the ordered lunch system:
    • A lunch: a filled roll and a cream bun (they were great)
    • B Lunch: a pie, and a
    • C lunch: a filled roll and an apple turnover. Have I got that right?
  • Being able occasionally to play four square with the boys in the girls playground;
  • school milk that sat around in the sun too long;
  • Mr Sim's strap (not that I ever got it;
  • Having 8 teachers in our Form 2 year;
  • the school trip to somewhere by a river (?) and getting sunburnt
  • and of course Khandallah Park.

Well it seems my memory is not so bad after all but still not good on names or faces.

Hope I don't lose this lot - had better save I think. See you in May - mmm now how do I book a flight on airpoints???????????

Judi - please note not Judith (unless I'm in trouble with my mother)

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