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Hello all I've made it this far, and like many I now have alot less hair (slipped from my head to my chin, back etc).

I Live in Norfolk Road Masterton on a so called lifestyle block. Married to Karen and have three grown children Anthony, Gabrielle, and Christopher.

Karen and I spend most of our spare time farming pedigree white Galloway cattle

I work for Geological and Nuclear Sciences as Principal Nano-technologist and support specialist ( Electronics Engineer)
work Email j [period] futter [snail] gns [period] cri [period] nz
ph 570 464
hm 568 7666

Left Onslow after the 6 form and went to work as a house painter for a year before joining the VUW as a tech trainee in the Physics dept. I met Karen there and we flatted together and married in 1979.

Spent 11 years at VUW until Karen informed me that we were expecting our first born in 1985 and after a few calcs it became clear that my wage paid for all except food and transport (bugger). Joined the real world at AWA as a junior R&D engineer worked my way up the pile to R&D manager and finally left in 2002 to join Open Networks designing ultra high speed modems broadband Voip and ISDN ( for all countries except NZ. {Thanks Telecom}.

Open Networks then became closed networks as the boss saw West Island as the new Mecca (due to Telstra not wanting to give more business to a NZ company and he moved the company to Aus). I then went contracting and also kept running my own consultancy but being married to an accountant the cashflow was all over the place and I was forcibly told to join the quasi government again, but was able to keep the consultancy by mutual agreement.

Good to see so many responses on the renunion site (thanks to the organisers!!!!)

The memory bank has been stretched reading the profiles, as things have gone on the profiles have become richer {thanks all} so I have opened up a bit further as to my past

see you there

Sunday after

what a depraved bunch::!!!!! hi This from my hazy alcohol infused brain :judith mark susan jenks peterx2 marion phil dale john greg brent Jane ian Jude ben alex Judy graemex2 chris martin hudson (no I cant remember the name of my guinea pigs donny) donald janet terry simon tim chris etc etc etc apologies to all not named in person

crashed on the boat at 2:30am pity the container terminal became active at 5:30am (Dropping containers off the ship to the dock 60 feet below) went home then and got another 2.5 hours sleep, will go to work tomorrow claiming ship lag.

great time must do it again

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