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Janet Dunbar (Galloway)

(04) 972 6749
After leaving Khandallah School where we were the big fish in the small pond, I attended (sometimes) Onslow College for 4 years. In with a bad bunch, Anne Delaney, Penny Livingstone? (Khandallah girls, you know the ones). I enjoyed my time out of school rather than the scant time which I spent at school.The 3rd and 4th forms were fine, it was the 5th where things went awry. Nursing at Hutt Hospital followed Silverstream then St Helens for some midwifery experience before going overseas.

Had a wonderful time doing the Kiwi barmaid thing in London then nannying in Berlin and Mallorca. Met my husband in Scotland and have just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Have 2 great children, Liam 19 years at Otago doing a BSc and Connie year 11 (5th form) at Wellington Girls College. Work now as a Heart Failure Specialist nurse in the Porirua area, in the community and at the hospital and love my role.

Looking forward to meeting you all again, if not for the get together then when you are back in Wellington.I will be able, at the reunion, to relay the correct version of the story when Marian Ayres? stole and wrecked Mark Poehls?' bike.

email: Nursey [snail] paradise [period] net [period] nz

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