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Hi, look forward to catching up with you all in May.

Brief run down of last 35 years.

  • Onslow College
  • Victoria University
  • Massey University

Got job in banking and have been there on and off ever since.

Married to Fran (occupational therapist) for 25 years and have 2 girls, Clare 18 at Canterbury University (just left home) and Bethany 16 NCEA2. Lived overseas in Europe (pre kids) and USA (with kids). Tried to retire in the US but had to go back to work (damn) when we returned to NZ.

Now living in sunny Nelson and working as Commercial Manager for ASB. Main interests are mountain biking, growing new skin and adventure racing. Was a keen runner until body told me to stop.

Still in regular contact with Matthew Cromey? (Christcurch) and Bill Angus (Adelaide)

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