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I was at Khandallah School in Standard 3 and 4 and then rejoined the Cashmere School Class and returned there for the 2nd part of Form 1 and all of Form 2. Subsequently I went to Onslow College.

After school I went nursing and finished in 1977. The same year I married James and we went to Australia and then Malaysia (Sarawak) to live. My daughters; Anna and Rachel, were born in 1981 and 1983 respectively. It was a very interesting time and I met many interesting people and overall had a fascinating experience which still has a huge impact on my life. However I chose to leave what became an unsuccessful marriage.

I returned to NZ, and settled in Auckland in 1988 with my children (only) and started a new life which was largely about bringing up the kids to best of my ability and working around their needs - as you do. I had a second relationship with a man Paolo, who was a great influence on Anna, Rachel and myself.

In 2001 I married Grant who has been on the scene since 1996. Anna left home on her 20th birthday to study in London where she still lives and Rachel is also there to do her OE. So now its me, Grant and the dog - a whole new life.

My life has been largely about people (certainly not career) and in the last few years has also involved some wonderful travel which I am enjoying. This year South America. I worked for a medical supplies company as a sales rep which I thoroughly enjoyed, although the vast majority of my work in the last 10 years has been in health education.

I have managed to see a few people over the years and certainly enjoyed seeing people at the last Khandallah reunion. I keep in close contact with Marion de Groot who, along with her family gave me enormous support for years after losing my mum in 1967. Unfortunately I was not able to join you all this time but hoping there may be another opportunity. Thanks to Linda Thomas, I met up with some people last weekend in Auckland including Ben O'Neill who is my second cousin. We were able to track down some relations and have a really special time which would never have happened without this reunion being organised. So thanks people

My contact details are:

Fiona Mowlem


Email: fiona [period] mowlem [snail] hyper [period] net [period] nz

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