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Hi. I attended Khandallah School from 5 years old until I left in Standard 4, moving to (alas) Palmerston North where I completed my schooling. Went to Massey University, then Otago (research degree) then Auckland (medical degree). I'm a part-time GP and a project manager for the Waitemata District Health Board, and have a little medical communications business ( I am married to Jen and have 3 daughters aged 15, 13 and 11. I'm into blokarting and laser sailing.

I cant make this reunion, but would have loved to have seen some old friends so hope if you are passing through Auckland you can get in touch - or 021 454 901.

Simla Crescent, walking up Mt KauKau many times and looking up when standing under the TV mast, the smell of lunch in the new entrants cloakbay, singing the 'Little Drummer Boy' in Year 1, 'graduating' from the lower level to the top level.
Mrs Bibbie the dental nurse, Mr Johns in Standard 3?, doing a project on the Monkeys, Ben O'Neill, learning to swim in that grotty school pool, endless 4-square, learning a song "On top of spaghetti all covered in cheese, There was a young maiden...etc".
Being chased by dogs in Simla Cr., swimming in that seemingly huge pool in the nearby park, sitting at the Captain's table on the Aromoana with Neil Bagley? (his dad was a captain), I haven't thought about that stuff in years.

Have a great reunion!

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