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Hi everyone,

What a fantastic idea, can’t wait to catch up. See you on the 7th.


Left school and became an Apprentice Carpenter & Joiner. I have been working as a building designer for the past ten years and loving it. I’m currently finishing a Masters @ Syd Uni (Design science)

Left NZ in 78 and lived in Europe for four years. Started my own business in Holland “which gave me the taste”. Met my Wife in England and we travel to Australia where We married and had a child Oliver, 15yrs. Wonderful boy! My marriage ended after 22 years, two years ago.


  • Crispy, crunchy, frost on the grass down Nicholson Rd.
  • Cold classrooms and melting crayons on the wood fire.
  • Ice cold swimming lessons and flutter boards.
  • Green swimming pool water …. Shiver at the thought.
  • Playing the drums in the school band.
  • Warm cloakroom and company….
  • Catching Possums…. Hundreds of them up Clark St.
  • Coming of age and nearly drowning at the end of year picnic..
Thanks for dragging me out Dale.
  • Many wonderful hot summers at Khandallah pool.

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