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Greetings to all the other survivors of the State School system's 1969 Khandallah Campaign. I was actually a deserter from that battlefield, having displayed total cowardice in the face of enemy fire, and retreated to Cashmere School where I spent my Form 1 and 2 years, before being drafted to Onslow College.

Writing my own profile is akin to writing my own CV or life history, and I am sure I am quite untrustworthy, and probably totally biased, so believe nothing from this point onwards.

In the manner of a true British Gentleman, I have always lived by the golden rule of not trying too hard at anything, firmly believing that it is not becoming to be seen to perspire or suffer.

This is probably why I have become such a spectacular non achiever.
After a blissful time in the sunny enlightened, environs of Cashmere School, I trod the well worn path to Onslow College, where, after the inevitable skirmishes with older boys, I settled down to learning the "Three Rs". Riding, my motorcycle. Rioting, due to various substance abuses, and the other "R", that I never quite got enough of to to master.

I decided my time at Onslow was over, when, after a prolonged period of educational abstenance, I went back to school and couldn't quite remember where I was supposed to be, or who my teacher was.

After a series of well paid, but temporary jobs I went to Wgtn Polytechnic, and studied photography. There I perfected and updated my knowledge of ways to upset the educational establishment. Predictably, I was booted out, but was later forgiven. The newly appointed Head of Dept reopened my Case and decided I was just a tormented soul expressing himself in the only way I could.

I then did the only honourable thing and joined a rock and roll band, went touring, and released a record. Later I settled down to a regular gig at the Newlands Arms, where I stayed for a number of years. I only departed after one of their inevitable bar room brawls ended up in the death of a mate. I suspect that I was some what desensitised by this environment, and didn't want to see my life centred around such a place.

In the following years I have dabbled at being an environmental activist, musician, photographer and artist, beach bum, and finally a parent and partner. I have a partner of 14 years standing (and sitting); Frances, and a son Rhys. My present occupation is centred around; 1, affording to send Rhys to College, and 2; trying to stop Rhys from having me sent to Malvena Major Rest Home. If I am successful in staying on the "outside" I'll see ya all at the Reunion!

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