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I remember when

  • we had billets from Wanganui. *** fancied my billet who was about 5'5" (and he was 4'5") and I fancied his - I was about 6' and he was 5'. Needless to say the fleeting romances did not last
  • people got locked in the art room - two others were on guard while the boys and girls had a good pash in the cupboard in the dark
  • certain males would go to the outside toilets and pee through the slats into the back playground
  • the shortcut to the bottom field sliding down the bank on your arse
  • there were interesting times in the store cupboard the second to last day of school
  • Judith and Jane were sent by the cooking teacher to take part in an apple shortcake baking competition. Judith was a place getter and was interviewed with the other winners by Peter Reid on Town and Around
  • telling the girls what we learnt in the sex education evenings
  • doing a runner from Miss Bibby when a syringe was produced
  • a meeting with Mr Matherson for inappropriate behaviour in the store cupboard
  • once upon a time I could remember before the hair went grey and the altzheimers set in: Lunch orders A, B, and C lunches - what were they?
  • the schoolbags all hanging up in the corridor outside the classrooms, and having a bottle of ?lighter fluid?, or something in my bag - obtained from someone forgotten, for some illict and forgotten purpose. It split in the bag, and rthen claiming it had been poured in there by someone else, and, I think, then having the whole class called to "account".
  • *** proudly displaying his manhood to girls in the milkshed or bikeshed - thereafter known as 'pinky'
  • a very well behaved girl did a very large fart in Mrs Clarke's Standard 4 class
  • the girls at school wore witches britches (PS do they still wear them?)
  • being scared to go into the boys toilet because *** was in there
  • *** caught *** checking out the swimwear in the girls change room at the pool
  • a time in my life and the people then that gave me the steps to today
  • 1968 earthquake. Manual Training. Question: how many kids could fit under the teacher's work bench in an earthquake. Answer: none, the teacher threw all the kids out when he dived under
  • I got caught with the "***" in the store cupboard
  • We caught the wetas and put them down the girl's necks
  • the boys heard you could light farts. Whose fart was lit? Who lit it? Who were the technical advisers and observers? What happened to ***'s underpants?
  • *** pushing me naked out of the changing room at Khandallah Pool ... I forgave him and I'm sorry about your car!!
  • who did *** kiss in the back of the bus to manual?
  • a time in my life and the people then that gave me the steps to today
  • "someone" was peddling up Burma Road when the gears on his bike slipped and his good bits hit the bar of his bike. An old lady stopped to see if he was all right to which he replied, with a pained face, yes
  • two certain young boys used to terrorise the girls in the class room before school by chasing them around the classroom trying to kiss them
  • *** tried to get two girls (why two?) to meet him at Khandallah Pool, and was reported (and busted) by the girl's parents
  • competitive spirit of *** - did not like one of the girls obtaining a higher score than him in SRA or any tests. It was the girls ambition to beat him!
  • getting caught fighting with *** by the Headmaster and getting 6 of the best - and it wasn't my fault
  • the milk monitor brought the warm milk in from the sun-drenched milk shed, and everyone had to drink it, unless they have a note from their parents
  • *** made these sandwiches that were half a loaf of bread (uncut) full of jelly crystals and peanut butter - he thought he had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, then the rest of the boys made door stops using strange and different fillings
  • going past the headmasters office and seeing the boys lined up and knowing why* *** and *** kissed the girls in the storeroom
  • we were in standard 2. All the girls had a crush on one particular boy and we all came to school early so we could talk to him before school, he was just so hot! Who was he!
  • we used the film room to hold talent quests
  • I can remember singing the song "I love you Timothy, I love you Timothy, I love you Timothy, you're just the guy for me"
  • *** said the most fun you can have is a couple of minutes in the store room with ***
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