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2009 Introduction

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Saturday 7th

12:30 Mix & mingle at Khandallah School
14:30 - 16:30 Car Rally
17:30 Drinks at Monteiths
18:30 Meet at Khandallah Presbyterian Church for Dinner

Sunday 8th

Walk up Mt Kaukau

A few of us got together and we all agreed it was a given that we definitely need to celebrate the fact it is 40 YEARS since our Form Two year.

I heard back from so many of you, all very positive and rearing to go. Also hard to believe it is now four years ago since our last reunion. Many who were unable to come last time, are keen as ever and can't wait.

So - it will happen the weekend of 7/8 November 2009, so time to book flights and make plans. I will try and email each of you individually who live overseas as I realise it is the hardest for you guys. But SOOOO worth it, judging by the fun we had last time.

The 'boys' have agreed to organise a car rally on the Saturday, as a nostalgic reminder of how many of us spent our teenage years - involved in youth groups and the like and this was the "in" thing to do back then. It will take us all over the Khandallah area. That night will be a dinner ... details here.

Partners/spouses will be welcome to join in the car rally but we are reserving the Saturday night for only us lot. Number restrictions and the same old story ... it is not much fun for those who were not there and do not remember all the stories.

Sunday will see an enjoyable walk up Mt Kaukau, for the fitness freaks (remember we used to call it Kor Kor .. how unPC is that! (now 'kow kow'). The first meeting was only to sort out the bones, so we will keep you informed each step of the way.

PLEASE ... if you have details of any others from our year group, then let me know.

A N D ... if you did NOT respond to the emails, or did not get them, can you please do so, even if only a line or so to let me know we have made contact.

I love hearing from you and what is happening in your neck of the woods.

Take care.
Love Sue
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