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2005 Reunion Aftermath

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Class of 1969 Khandallah School

Saturday 7 May 2005

Wow, what a great day we had!

We had the most amazing response from everyone and there were 47 of us who attended.

Afternoon tea

Although the day was grey and cool, perhaps reminescent of those Khandallah winters in the prefabs, the welcome was warm, as everyone congregated in the Khandallah School staff room. Scheduled to start at 2pm, the keenness of many was evident by their early arrival, and late departure.

The maximum airpoints awards went to Ben O'Neill from Toronto, and Alex Knowles? from Los Angeles. A sizable contingent from Australia (Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane), and many from out of Wellington completed the picture.

Hudson's welcome, and a generous afternoon tea prepared us for a visit to the infant block and bottom field, pretty much the only parts of the school that are the same as when we were there (except for the dental clinic and, now indoors, swimming pool), guided by the principal Tony Sims, and the taking of reunion photos, especially one with us in the same order as the form two 1969 year photo; interesting to see who the exhibitionists are!

People continued to mix and mingle, and then drifted away to prepare for dinner.


Everyone looked very smart at the bar in the Duxton as we met prior to moving into "The Private Room" around 7:30pm. The conversation and reminisceses didn't stop, as people moved around the room to talk to as many people as possible.

Janet, Sue, Judi, Libby, (?) played two tunes (?) on their recorders, to applause and cheers.

A lovely meal ensued (see Dinner Menu), with waiters Vijay and Marion?'s daughter Jess. After the main course Hudson, Sue, and Mark read out our "Memories" (to be posted here shortly we hope) to much hilarity.

Eventually we had to move out to the bar, but that didn't deter people, and it was only when the bar closed at two that the conversations drew to a close, and peope drifted away with promises to stay in touch through the web site, email list, and distributed contact details.

Comments such as how well everyone had turned out, how the grey hair was starting to show (cf Reunion 1993), how great so many people has turned up, and when will it happen again permeated the evening.

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