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1965 Standard 2

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Khandallah School Standard 2 1965 - click on image for larger picture

1965 Miss Pivac and Standard 2

Row (Left to right)

Peter Pullan, Neil Bagley, Rodney Sharpe, Michael Brooke, Ross Jarvis, Christopher Doyle, Timothy Whittaker, David Fearon, Dale Forrester, Profiles/DavidHopcroft, Bruce Morrison


Hudson Moody, Warren Collins, Annette Pack, Heather Campbell, Judith Spooner, Belinda Carlson, Judy Robertson, Susan Mark, Ann Shuttler, Simon Davis, Neil White


Sandra McLaren, Marion Ayres, Gillian Porter, Patricia Hakopa, Annette Caird, Lorna Ensor, Jane Boswell, Terri Uridge, Katie Cornford

Khandallah School Standard 2 1965 - click on image for larger picture

1965 Mrs Flux and Standard 2

Row (Left to right)

Ian McBean, Graeme Gibbons, Philip Gavey, Donald Thomson, Alex Knowles, Colin Nightingale, Peter Rothwell


Mark Addison, Tim Knees, Robert Stitt, Martin Tansley, Bruce Morris, Ben O'Neil, John Futter, Brent Sullivan, Carl Howe, Mark Poehls, Chris Mitchell


Allan Pack, Roger Hefford, Janet Galloway, Gail Taylor, Katherine Orr, Karen Gunn, Penny Livingstone, Lynsey Uridge, Marion de Groot, Terry Bloomfield, Brian Paul


Teresa Tilby, Rosemary Martyn, Ann Delaney, Yvonne Allen, Janet Gomples, Susan Kincheff, Marion Campbell, Philippa Parker, Susan Haliburton, Linda Thomas

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